Advice and Design

vb&t Brandveiligheid & Milieu specialises in an integral approach to building safety. Safety and the environment are key to all of our solutions, but always in combination with the interests of the client. Although we take statutory provisions as our starting point, there is no such thing as a standard solution here at vb&t Brandveiligheid & Milieu.

Our professionals are not afraid to be unorthodox and use advanced fire-safety engineering technologies. Our ultimate aim is to give our clients the very best advice and result.


We draw on our expertise to advise clients on every different type of building. Several examples follow below:

  • Data centres in the Netherlands and abroad.
  • Various historical and listed buildings.
  • Warehouses for PGS 15 goods.
  • Oil transhipment companies.
  • Detailed environmental advice, including the QRA curve and risk analyses.
  • Storage and transhipment companies.

Fire-protection system advice and design

  • Sprinkler, water mist and excess pressure systems for high-rise buildings and residential towers.
  • Fire detection and evacuation systems for school complexes.
  • Entire complexes, with car parks.
  • Sport and recreation complexes.
  • Fire-detection, evacuation and sprinkler systems for hotels.
  • Sprinkler and water mist systems for hospitals and care institutions.
  • Ventilation systems and water mist systems for tunnel safety.
  • Systems for various smaller projects, such as office and apartment complexes and asylum centres.
  • Water-mist and sprinkler systems for media companies.
  • Foam-extinguishing systems for storage buildings and systems.
  • Water mist systems for listed buildings and museums.
  • Fire detection, evacuation and water-mist systems for renovation and transformation projects.

Government and non-profit

These sectors require a specific approach. Our organisation has experience in a wide range of areas, extending from town and city halls and ministries up to and including museums and care institutions.