Our products

Our fire safety and environmental consultancy services relate to a wide range of products and product components. Customised solutions, whether existing or made up of the following, amongst other things:

an environmental master plan prepared in accordance with the IBB assessment method.

  • Fire control calculations (fire load calculation).
  • Fire-spread calculation.
  • The calculation of collection and throughput capacity.
  • Simulations of air and smoke flows, visibility, temperatures in buildings, radiation and emissions.
  • Dynamic fire simulations.
  • Supervision of the application for a single environmental permit in relation to fire safety and the environment.
  • Second opinions.

The preparation of so-called assumptions documents (formerly schedules of requirements)

We also arrange the preparation of assumptions documents (ADs), which have replaced schedules of requirements. These are prepared for the following systems, amongst others:

  • Sprinkler systems
  • Water mist systems
  • Fire detection and evacuation systems
  • Foam-extinguishing systems
  • Gas extinguishing systems
  • Oxygen reduction systems
  • Smoke and heat extraction systems
  • CO and LPG systems
  • Excess pressure systems

Simulations and calculations

We also prepare and carry out all of the various calculations and simulations possible.

  • Evacuation calculations for playhouses, football stadiums, theatres, big shopping centres and media-company studios, etc.
  • (Integral) fire-spread calculations for residential complexes and shopping centres, etc.
  • Fire and ventilation calculations (CFD) for car parks with both natural and mechanical ventilation.
  • Dynamic fire simulations (FDS) in shopping centres, office buildings, distribution centres, schools and media companies, etc.