Our services

We can offer clients a large number of services, based on advice on the subject of (fire) safety and the environment. These include:

  • certificates of compliance (single environmental permit) for fire safety and the environment.
  • the supervision and support of an invitation to tender, before and/or during performance and the supervision of final inspections.
  • finding all types of equivalences.
  • help with applications for all of the permits required by law, such as occupancy permits and/or notifications. We can also help clients by taking care of the entire process applicable when applying for single environmental permits.
  • the preparation of master plans on fire safety and the environment.
  • the preparation of assumptions documents (UDs; previously schedules of requirements) for all types of fire-extinguishing and fire detection systems.
  • the preparation of risk inventories on the basis of various risk analyses, such as HAZOP and BOW-TIE.