vb&t Brandveiligheid & Milieu provides its services in every part of the business sector. We have experience in the petrochemical industry, trade, the transport industry, chemical storage and storage and transhipment companies. However, it also extends to shopping centres, the healthcare industry, playhouses and theatres, car parks, data centres and firework storage facilities. Instructions involve certificates of compliance and fire safety scans up to and including advice and the certification of fire protection systems and relate to new-build, renovation, transformation and refurbishment projects.

A selection of the services that we have provided in various market segments follows below.

  • Distribution centres at Schiphol
  • VUmc Amsterdam
  • High-rise buildings at the Zuidas in Amsterdam
  • Erasmus University Rotterdam
  • The O.S. Building, Hilversum
  • The Veem Building, Eindhoven
  • The PGS warehouse, Nieuw Cuyk
  • Friesland –Campina Born
  • Conversion of a bank office into residential properties in Apeldoorn
  • The Piet Klerkx home furnishings store
  • Communications room for the Rijnmond safety region
  • Shopping centre in Helmond
  • Plastics processing in Weurt
  • The Zeeman distribution centre
  • Pathé Delft
  • Spaarne hospital
  • The Nijkerk hotel
  • Various Albert Heijn stores
  • Various Jumbo stores
  • P.C Rotterdam