vb&t Brandveiligheid & Milieu has been asked to carry out specialist inspections for many years now. These inspections are as follows:

  • Appearing as an expert witness in court proceedings. This might be in relation to (the violation of regulations on) the storage of hazardous substances and environmentally unfriendly goods.
  • Continuity-related company inspections, including storage buildings and media-company continuity.
  • The (legal) correctness of (internal) advice from public authorities.
  • The safety of (new) recycling processes.
  • Fire safety at recycling companies with new processes.
  • The causes of a fire, for both the party affected and the insurer.
  • The safety of cocoa storage.
  • Penal institutions (together with LPCB with water mist, amongst other things).
  • Tunnels with water mist.